2nd Life Project


An initiative powered by Offtrack to better utilise our unwanted camping equipment.

Camping equipment has 3 primary purposes – to provide comfort and warmth while staying dry.
Australia’s homeless population face many challenges, they deserve as a minimum, comfort, warmth and the ability to stay dry.
The 2nd Life Project collects old equipment such as mattresses, sleeping bags, rain jackets and insulation layers to redistribute across Melbourne to those in need.  The end goal is to have this initiative carried out all across Australia.
This initiative does not simply stop with supporting the homeless population, Outdoor Education is what we believe to be the most valuable tool for any child growing up. However not all schools are fortunate enough to have the budget behind them that allows them to purchase needed equipment.
While helping institutions with their latest equipment procurement Offtrack in conjunction with the 2nd life project is happy to negotiate a buy back initiative of the previous fleet and redistribute as 2nd hand equipment.

Any equipment that is still fit for field use will be passed onto schools who are struggling for budget within their outdoor program at a very affordable second hand rate.
Anything that is not quite fit for commercial field use but still a functional piece of equipment will be distributed amongst Australia’s homeless population.
Any clothing or equipment that is not functional or fit for human use will be pulled apart and recycled or made into other products as best we possibly can.

The 2nd Life Project acts out of goodwill, hoping to make a difference in communities across Australia. If you have items that could be of use for this project please email: 2ndlife@offtrack.com.au  and we will guide you through the options.